NABOR Position Statements

Coastal Resiliency

Coastal communities like Naples face several challenges related to coastal resiliency including but not limited to, sea level rise, coastal erosion, high tide flooding, storm surge, inland flooding and population increase. The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® (NABOR®) promotes public policy that encourages the hardening of shorelines with scientifically proven and ecologically friendly methods that are compatible with the surrounding community. NABOR® supports the role of state and local governments and agencies to advance coastal resiliency recommendations. NABOR® urges policy makers to advance fiscally prudent hardening recommendations that are not entirely shouldered by individual homeowners and that acknowledge private property rights and purposeful use of property.

Economic Development

NABOR® supports diversification of our local economy with the goal of creating a range of job opportunities across different industries. By promoting a diverse economy, we can enhance the County's ability to sustain a stable, resilient, and healthy commercial real estate market.

Fair Housing

The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® promotes public policy to advance broader homeownership availability, and accessibility, and affordability in all communities. We prioritize efforts to narrow homeownership gaps among demographic groups and promote strong enforcement of antidiscrimination laws in the housing market.


NABOR® supports initiatives and continuum of care programs that focus on housing the homeless without adversely affecting private property rights.

Homeowner Associations

NABOR® strongly supports legislation that requires home owner associations to educate buyers about the rules, regulations, responsibilities, expenses and benefits of living in an HOA community. NABOR® supports state wide standards because educating homeowners is essential for fostering transparency, a positive homeowner-HOA relationship, preventing conflicts, maintaining property values, and creating a well-functioning and harmonious neighborhood.

Impact fees

The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® believes that homeownership is not a privilege that should only be attainable by a few, but rather the cornerstone of the American Dream. The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® opposes the increase of residential and commercial impact fees. Impact fees may result in upward pressure on the cost of existing properties and increase inventory shortages.


Real Estate Insurance which encompasses property, liability, homeowner or flood insurance is essential for homeowners to protect their investment, ensure financial security, and provide coverage for a wide range of potential risks. NABOR® supports Real Estate insurance that is available and affordable.

Property Taxes

The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® opposes the increase of property taxes without a public referendum to pay for capital projects, instead favoring municipalities properly prioritize capital projects, appropriately budget in advance and practice fiscal responsibility.

Real Estate Signs

Real Estate signage is an essential tool for REALTORS® and homeowners. The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® acknowledges municipalities’ ability to regulate sign content and use within its jurisdiction. However, the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® opposes sign ordinances that prohibit or overly limits Realtors® and homeowner’s ability to post “open house”, “for sale” or “for lease” signs along streets and public rights of way.

Regional Planning and Infrastructure

NABOR® supports infrastructure priorities that are rooted in coordinated efforts between the region, state and local governments. NABOR® urges lawmakers to prioritize funding on scheduled infrastructure, maintenance and improvements of existing infrastructure.

Short Term Vacation Rentals

The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® strongly advocates for private property rights and maintains that property ownership includes the right to gain income from property. The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® opposes local government influenced restrictions and prohibitions on short term vacation rentals; while recognizing the right of homeowner associations and condominium associations to set rental restrictions within their jurisdictions. Further, the Naples Area Board of REALTORS® fully supports and recommends that short term vacation rental regulation be pre-empted by the state to ensure that property owners across Florida are held to the same standards.

Water Quality

The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® advocates that clean water is essential to maintaining a high quality of life and a healthy economy. The Naples Area Board of REALTORS® strongly supports the protection of Florida’s waterways and grasslands through conservation and green initiatives that do not adversely affect the value of property.

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