Why should I invest in RPAC?

RPAC represents over 1,000,000 politically active REALTORS® nationally and more than 135,000 in Florida. Up to 4,000 bills are introduced each session in the state legislature. Elections decide who will be voting on these bills. RPAC provides you with the opportunity to have a collective impact on the election of officials who will pass legislation that affects your livelihoods and the way real estate professionals do business. Through extensive research and ongoing monitoring, RPAC keeps you informed, involved, and influential in the legislative decisions that are important to you and your business.

Does RPAC Buy Votes?

How much money stays with the state association and how much goes to the National RPAC?

Are contributions to RPAC tax deductible?

Who may be solicited for RPAC contributions?

What processes do the National and State trustees use when determining contribution to candidates?

Will the RPAC Trustees contribute to both candidates in a race?

What party is RPAC affiliated with?

Does the National RPAC contribute to state or local candidates?

Who Establishes and implements RPAC policy?

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