Top 10 Real Estate Agent Safety Tips

  1. Careful with personal info

  2. Verify customer information

  3. Enlist a coworker

  4. Announce your showings

  5. Scout locations early

  6. Keep phone in hand

  7. Keep customer in sight

  8. Pay attention to exits

  9. Take a self-defense class

  10. Trust your gut

Safety Videos


Know your Customer


Know Your Property

Safe Parking Strategies

Safe Parking Strategies

Top REALTOR® Safety Apps

HomeSnap Pro

Overview: Agents using HomeSnap Pro can now set a Safety Timer when they go to a showing with an unfamiliar client.

How it Works: Prior to a showing, set a timer for how long you expect to be at the location and select your emergency contacts. If the timer expires, a text message will be sent to your emergency contacts that you are in distress. You can also send an instant distress alert to your emergency contacts with just one tap.

Price: $29.99


Lifeline Response

Overview: LifeLine Response is the first and only patent protected personal safety mobile app that utilizes natural human reaction to respond to emergency situations.

How it Works: Through codes and interaction, you can set an alert for emergency contacts that you are in danger. Trigger an extremely loud alarm to deter attackers or use the silent alarm to ask for help. Once an alert is detected, the response verification center will reach out to assess the situation and contact authorities with your GPS location, if necessary.

Price: $9.99 annual subscription

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React Mobile

Overview: React Mobile is a personal safety app that turns your smart phone into a powerful lifeline. It includes a unique feature that shares your location with others so they can track your every move.

How it Works: If you need help, use the MReact Mobile app to send an emergency alert to your chosen contacts, who will receive a text and an email with your GPS coordinates. In situations where you feel uncomfortable or want others to know where you are, use the Follow­Me feature to share your location via email and text with your network so they know exactly where you are. The app can be paired with the Sidekick, a remotelike device that when activated, sends emergency alerts and eliminates the need to find and unlock a smartphone to call for help.

Price: The app is free; the Sidekick is $59.99


Resources for REALTOR® Safety

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